<![CDATA[art by mimulux - Blog]]>Sun, 20 Dec 2015 07:40:29 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[dark art .. with a light side to it]]>Tue, 04 Aug 2015 19:10:59 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/dark-art-with-a-light-side-to-ityesterday i mentioned the types of dark art i create... and also yesterday i finished a drawing which has been on my table for a while, waiting to be completed. i think it is a good example of the humorous dark art i mentioned. ... zombies and ghouls are scary... yes. but do these really scare you? or do they make you smile? .. just a bit?? do let me know.. i'd love to hear what effect my zombie trio has on you.

prints are available.. at my FineArt America Gallery(check out Print Store in the Sidebar), on RedBubble and on Society6  - also on apparel, phone cases etc. 

<![CDATA[counting the days ....]]>Mon, 03 Aug 2015 09:53:45 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/counting-the-days

not much longer to go... and we will be moving into our new home. for months, weeks i have been looking forward to this, but it felt "abstract" ... not quite real. but now it does. now, that i have started to pack, to sort out, de-clutter, give away things to charity, sell some items... now it becomes more and more real. 
first our 3 rooms looked chaotic because some of the furniture we had sold had been picked up already.. so there was even less space. especially in the kitchen... our kitchen table has become a storage space - in multi-layers! same goes for the kitchen chairs; no place to sit but layers of "stuff" is stored there.
but now, all my books have been packed into 4 moving boxes. today i will start packing my art things - paints, pencils, chalks, paper etc. i will just keep one box of pencils, some sketching paper, one box of crayons and perhaps my markers ... you never know when i might feel like sketching something. so i want to be able to do so. the rest will go into the big box. 
it feels good, to tidy up, sort out, declutter. moving to this new home feels like a new start and i/we want to arrive there with just the things we need. all excess baggage has to go. already i feel that this has an impact on me. clarity. i know where my art is taking me now. for a long long time i was jumping all over the place in styles, now i know what my style is. dark art.. definitely. in photography and digital art, but now i also want to create dark art in "traditional" style - painting, collage, drawings, mixed-media etc. that is a new adventure for sure, something to look forward to, something to start in my new home. 
those who know me, know that my dark art is not blood and gore. it is.. creepy - yes sometimes; humorous - yes that too; subtle - yes!; perhaps a bit shocking? i don't know. let it just happen, we shall see. and mind you, i will also create "other" styles, that wont really change, however my main focus will be on the dark art bit. 
so having said all this...... please understand that right now i am mainly occupied with our move, my focus is on decluttering-packing-organizing etc and less on art. so i might be a bit more absent from FB, twitter etc. but i will check-in daily and i will reply to mails and all. 
where will we be moving to? a lovely house on a hill, at the edge of the woods, not far from a huge lake in south-western hungary. 
love and light to all
<![CDATA[What Was Your Message for the New Year ?]]>Sat, 03 Jan 2015 16:37:06 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/what-was-your-message-for-the-new-yearWhat was your New Year Message ?

In some countries it is believed that what you do on the first day of the new year, is a kind of “Leitmotiv” for the rest of the year. So, what did you do on January 1, 2015 ?

Do I believe in these things? Well... kind of yes, I guess. So you can imagine how overjoyed, no thrilled I was, when my first day of January was one of excruciating pain and tears. What had happened? Almost over night I was hit by a tendonitis in my right wrist (not quite sure if this is the correct medical term in English) and no, it did not “just happen”; I did have some warning twitches and stabs of pain in my wrist and lower arm but I chose to ignore the signs. You know the “if I ignore it long enough it'll go away” kind of thinking … sometimes it works – does it really ? - but this time it most definitely did not! I woke up on Thursday morning and there was THIS-PAIN in my wrist. And THIS-PAIN got worse and worse. There was a throbbing deep inside my wrist, the wrist feeling warm and there was /is a swelling. This pain made me feel nauseous and feverish and eventually I just burst into tears. …. and took some paracetamol. Iced the joint, put some common comfrey cream on it and eventually it got a wee bit better. Not much though and that night I was mostly awake... the throbbing had come back, I could not find a comfortable position in bed … in short: I felt pretty miserable.

Then finally it was the second of January. We had planned on going shopping. We needed dog food, people food, soft drinks, water... well the usual stuff … but that was totally out of the question. I felt downright sick. Holding the steering wheel? No way, changing gears with the gear shift .. unthinkable! Husband driving? No way! He never made the license – this might hopefully,perhaps change his mind though. No public transport available, we live in the middle of the boonies. The closest towns both approx. 20 km away. What to do? Our saviour was my mum in law who agreed to come to us and take her son shopping AND to drop by the pharmacy on the way to get me some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds – as tablets and as a gel to apply on the wrist. Yes, I have had some experience with this condition in the past, but it's a long time ago and never was as bad as this.

The meds help to a certain extent. But the joint needs to be kept quiet. Every move hurts and my hand including fingers is pretty useless. On Monday mum in law will take me to our gp who will hopefully confirm my diagnosis and then probably give me a removable cast and that's that for the next 4-6 weeks.

What a fantastic, pissy way to start the new year, I thought! Depending on others ? Yuck! Having to ask for help ? Oh no … ! Stuck in the house... feeling pretty helpless and … my art ? Was that the message ? Hey lady you are in for a year of fun and games so fasten those seatbelts? Uuuuhhhhgggg <<< groaning loudly and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

And then, this morning I got up and the sun was shining and the yuck snow was melting fast and it was sort of warm outside. My right arm propped on a pillow supported by my left I sat outside for a while and looked at the little clouds floating in the sky and I let my mind drift... here and there, following those clouds.. and then there was this thought: who says you cannot create art? You are also a digital artist aren't you? You are pretty clever with your left hand, you can write with it so why not paint, draw? Are you really SO stranded? What does your condition DO for you? Go ahead, FEEL yourself into this …. and I stopped thinking and just closed my eyes and then after a while there was this AHA feeling taking over. And as this was taking over I could feel a smile spreading on my face... and I went.. ok, one useless hand slows you down but does it stop me from doing anything? Well yes, one or the other smaller thing in the household for instance but there my husband can take over. But art? No! Communicating with friends ? No! Does it force me to stay off facebook, twitter or pinterest? No ! So ???? So it slows me down big time ! Is that bad ? Mh, come to think of it … no not really. If I am forced to work slower, I have to be more focussed on what is really important to me. I cannot let myself be distracted. I need to be patient with my SELF – yes I have learned to be patient with others – I need to be more precise... and I need to learn to delegate and ask for help if necessary.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO simple, isn't it? Then why all this pain? Well I guess I needed this pain to get the message, to pay attention, to tune in to what the Universe was telling me. Without the massiveness and intensity of the pain I would have just kept on ignoring it and waited for it to go away again. My usual method..... I can be pretty thick and stubborn at times...

The consequences? I'll be more focussed on my art. I'll be on facebook but will leave some groups uploading my art to my fanpage, those few remaining groups, my galleries & shops, my blog, pinterest & twitter. I will be creating more digital art for the time being but am looking forward to painting & drawing with my left hand!

YAY ! The Universe has sent me some new adventures and lessons! Thank you for that!

And a Happy New Year to you all :)


<![CDATA[A Small Gift from me to You !]]>Sat, 27 Dec 2014 09:10:16 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/a-small-gift-from-me-to-youa small announcement :)

if you decide to purchase some of my art on from Fine Art America >>> my Print Store <<< i am happy to offer a discount from now until January 3, 2015. Just enter the code upon check-out. 
<![CDATA[Jorinde & Joringel - how it happened]]>Fri, 06 Dec 2013 09:30:01 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/jorinde-joringel-how-it-happened
JORINDE AND JORINGEL .. and how it happened

i love drawing with ink. and there is a german artist, whom i greatly admire and whose work i find so inspiring, and who has encouraged me - unknown to her of course - to just go ahead and try... her name is Susanne Haun and i grealy encourage you to have a look at her lovely art on www.susannehaun.com .. 

and now to this collage drawing of mine. the two collage elements i have created months ago. i just had some paper left over and i don't like to throw out paper or cardboard or any artsy materials, you could always use them for something.. so i kept them and one day just felt like doodling.. and created the bird's head and the hag.. or witch, using acrylic ink and wax crayons. i cut them out and put them aside. and almost forgot about them. weeks passed.. new art happened and was created.. and suddenly last week i had.. INK DRAWING in my mind. i got out the paper and as i was looking for some material i found those two doodles and thought.. yes, they will be the center pieces! ... well the process of how it happened is documented in the slide show above this article. 

now to the - to me - most interesting part: .. of course it needed a name. but !...... my friend in the states said it reminded her of a fairytale and i had to agree. fairytale or legend.. but i could not put my finger on it.. which one.. so i just left it.. flattened the finished drawing over night by placing it under damp paper and weighing it down. so this morning i felt, now i have to upload it.. it's time to do so. i uploaded it to my graphic program to cut it into the proper size.. and as i was working on it suddenly the words.. Jorinde and Joringel came to my mind.. in fact rather loud and.. flash flash flash kind of blinking... mh.. i remember the fairytale by the brothers grimm but only very vaguely.. so i decided to check.. and yes.. i felt this is IT.. my artistic freedom made a tree out of joringel instead of just transfixing him but then.. that's ok i guess :)  a synopsis of this fairytale can be found ---> HERE Jorinde & Joringel Synopsis .... 

thanks for dropping by to read this.. have a great month of december !
<![CDATA[A little Help from my Friends - needed]]>Thu, 15 Aug 2013 16:25:45 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/a-little-help-from-my-friends-neededit's been a while since my last entry.. ah but then.. i said i wasn't a regular writer so.. i am forgiven.. yes? i hope so :) 

now i will just grab the bull by its horns and say straight out.... friends.. i need your help.. PLEASE :) i know.. i too kind of sigh when somebody tells me.. "please follow the link and vote for me" .. cause often i end up on a page, where i have to become a member of some community or other, or follow a facebook page or whatever... before i can vote.. and honestly.. i will break-off the exercise right there and then. i am in enough communities and facebook groups and i really do not need to add more to that. but - thank goddess ! - there are also other pages, where it is not necessary to become a member, where you can just go and vote.. and only ONCE .. which is a good thing too in my eyes. it is FAIR! so whoever of you is so kind and is willing to help me.. this is a ONE TIME THING! i will not bother you with follow-up emails and messages to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze vote again.. and again..... and again. ONCE it is.. and that's that. 

having said that... this is about my art on t-shirts.. lovely, great t-shirts.. and i can actually win a shop there YAYAYAY.. and some cash?? uh.. nice.. the shop is nicer though to be honest :) so i will post the links.. each one will take you to a t-shirt with my art on it.. and if you like it.. please hit the button "vote for this entry" .. et voilà .. it's done :) THANK YOU .. your help is really greatly appreciated :)

have a lovely, happy, successfull and wonderful rest of the week!

namaste .... mimu

p.s. i might add a few more designs so if you care to check back again and vote for those too.. that would be nice :)

here the links:

<![CDATA[Great Start for a new day]]>Sun, 21 Jul 2013 05:35:45 GMThttp://www.mimulux.com/blog/great-start-for-a-new-dayPicture
MANDALA 003 - as I went online this morning I was greeted by a wonderful message in my email in-box.. you have made a sale! Now isn't that wonderful? Such a nice way to start a day .. my gratitude to the buyer in NSW, Australia. May my Mandala bring you happiness and joy.

Yes and I am back to having a blog here. It will not be a regular thing. I wont flood you with postings - just sharing some info now and then, about my art, about something that has made my day - as this sale :) - something interesting I came accross .. well the usual I guess. 

I stopped my blog here a while ago, because it was rather complicated maintaining it. Now, Weebly has changed a few things and has made it easier for me to access my own blog and so I decided to give it another try. I would be happy about feedback of course!

So let me wish you all a wonderful Sunday ! Peace, Joy, Happiness, good Health, speedy Recovery, Smiles and Creativity to you!

Namaste! ........ mimu